Does of medicineChildren’s vaccinations have been around for ages. When they were first introduced, parents rejoiced—there was finally a solution for the many diseases going around that were capable of killing children.

Due to amazing health advances, death rates for 13 diseases that can be prevented by childhood vaccinations were at all-time lows in the United States in 2007. The study, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, looked at hospital and death records going back to 1900 and estimated death rates before various vaccines were invented. In nine of the diseases, rates of hospitalization or death had declined more than 90 percent. For three — smallpox, diphtheria and polio — death rates had dropped by 100 percent. Pretty good, huh?

However, no drug is 100 percent foolproof. The measles vaccine, for example, is only 95 percent effective—which if I’m not mistaken, is better than 0 percent. As with any drug, there’s always side-effects, which can range from mild, such as pain and fever, to severe, such as encephalitis (inflammation, irritation and swelling of the brain).

Child with measlesBut children who aren’t vaccinated are at risk to serious illnesses. Last month in San Diego, there was a rare outbreak of measles, 12 of the children infected becoming very sick. The 12 kids that got sick were not given the vaccine that increases the chances that children would not be infected by the diseases, wither because their parents objected given their children the shot, or because the child was too young to have it given to them.

Some parents, like the 12 talked about in the San Diego, are scared that their children will be one of the few that will suffer from the severe side effects, and refuse to let their children receive vaccinations. Rumors, like the one that says several vaccines that include thimerosal, a mercury antifungal vaccine preservative, cause autism, scare parents even more.

Theresa Cedillo claims her daughter’s autism was caused by a measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine she received when she was 15 months old. Cedillo said her daughter was a “happy, engaged toddler” who could talk and respond when her name was called. Now at 13 years old, Michelle is still wearing diapers, looking at picture books, and enjoys watching Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues.  (Read the full story here.)

Autistic Michelle CedilloMichelle’s parents said that after their daughter received the vaccine, her mental development was drastically altered, and days after getting the vaccination suffered from mild complications. Michelle later stopped talking and responding to her name.

The Cedillos are one of  4,900 families suing the government, claiming that the vaccine causes their child’s autism.

So who’s right? The thousands of parents who say, “Yes, that vaccine made my child develop autism!” or the scientists who say, “No. Studies show that there is not a link to children’s vaccinations and autism.”?

The Institute of Medicine cites five studies, all of which find no link between autism and the preservative thimerosal and 14 studies finding no link between the MMR vaccine and autism.Kid getting bullied

But those studies still aren’t enough to sway the beliefs of parents. What parents must realize is that when it comes to vaccinations, the good outweighs the bad, and just like there is a possibility that children will be bullied at school, there is a possibility that children may suffer from vaccination’s side effects.

No parent wants to believe that genetics may have played a part in their children’s lack of mental development, but it’s true. And instead of resisting the facts, and doubting scientific studies, parents must embrace technological advances and the usefulness of health knowledge and methods of disease prevention.


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  1. 1 wake up

    There is no public health issue in regards to vaccination.

    Those diseases are easily controlled with modern medicine.

    You should read what the definition of health is before you write a foolish article. Then you would not misuse the word health.

    Health, as defined in the World Health Organization (WHO) constitution:

    Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.[1]

    What is in the vaccines that makes a human being healthy. Wake up!

    DPT — diptheria bacterium, pertussis organisms, tetanus toxoid, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, aluminium and mercury.

    HiB — Hib saccarides cultured on cow’s brains, crm protein, sodium chloride, aluminium hydroxide, mercury.

    POLIO — 3 types of live polio virus, magnesium chloride, amino acid, polysorbate 80, purified water, neomycin, sulphate, streptomycin, penicillin and **** kidney cell cultures.

    MENINGITIS C — meningococcal group C oligosaccharide and corynebacterium, diphteriae crm protein (fails to disclose what vaccine is cultured on), aluminium phosphate, sodium chloride and water.

    MMR — live measles virus, live mumps virus, live rubella virus, chick embryo, human foetal cells, neomycin, sorbitol, gelatine.

    HEPATITIS B — Hepatitis B virus gene, aluminium hydroxide, mercury, formaldehyde. For the genetically engineered vaccine: aluminium hydrochloride, sodium chloride and mercury.

    INFLUENZA — Influenza virus, haemaglutinin and neuraminidase antigens A and B strains, gelatine, mercury, formaldehyde, sodium chloride, mashed chick embryos, neomycin.

  2. 2 Alexia

    Dear Wake Up,

    This subject of this blog is the health and safety of children. Getting vaccinated relates to both health and safety in every form.

    Also, I never blamed the vaccinations for causing autism… I simply brought to the forefront issues families are going through and the claims made by both parents and scientists and doctors. I chose to give both my children all of their shots because I know the benefits of getting immunized. Despite it all, I appreciate your comment and voicing your opinion on the post.

    • 3 christyana

      My English is not that good & I might not know all facts about Vaccinations ,but Arent most of the diseases now adays have the cure already? I mean with all bad stuff in the vaccines & the risks of it why do it when you dnt even know the kids immune system can or cant fight it by itself combine with the drug that can cure it?when your kids not healthy enough ( and you dnt really know when they are 100 % )the vaccines can actually backfire and get you the diseases. they also have now Homeopathy type vaccinations,where they only give you the weak vibration of the diseases that still effect your immune system but absolutely safe for your kids with no preservatives needed.they giving the small dose in 3 days and repeat it in the next year. before kids given these very safe vaccines they give you homeopathy ‘ supplement’ for few days to make sure you are in a perfect health condition…I think this is something we need to think about as a solution on both sides

  3. 4 Ruby

    “have actually chose to give both my children all of their shits because I know the benefits of getting immunized.”

    Hehe, might wanna’ proofread before posting next time =)

  4. 5 Alexia

    Thanks for the spell check Ruby!

  5. 6 BASHDOWN34

    i think your article is very well put. it considers both the good and bad. neither one outweighs the other. also it really helped me with my homework

  6. Alexia… why would you inject your baby with substances that have never been tested for safety? Did your Ped inform you of the side effects of the vaccines? Show you the package insert with the efficacy clearly listed with the ingredients and side effects??

    I believe there is a huge difference between Regressive Autism induced by over-vaccination and Aspergers.

    Regressive Autism is mercury poisoning.

    We can’t keep telling these parents that their children are defective or that they have been disabled for the greater good, when they have seen the rapid regression happen right before theur eyes.

    Doctors don’t report reactions, even severe ones.. I know many mothers who have been brushed off and told that seizures, and inconsolable crying and high pitched screaming was “normal” reaction when in fact it is a sign of brain swelling.

    Peds are so programmed to duck their heads and not question the integrity of the researchand medicine behind vaccines. BY LAW, they must report any Adverse Reaction to VAERS. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    If they did question Vaccines and question the safety and question the ingreients and demanded safe alternatives for their patients, they would see a $800.00 Well Baby Visit drop down to a $95.00 office visit without vaccines. Not a lot of profit there. $800.00 is not bad for 15 minute office visit.. I don’t even know any hookers who make that kind of money in 15 minutes..LOL..

    The schedule needs to be pared down to the absolute essential one or two vaccines. We should NEVER vaccinate a child under age two. We would see a decline in developmental delays, Autism, Asthma, SIDS Diabetes, ADD, ADHD…

    But we have to keep in mind.. Healthy people don’t need their Dr.s or prescriptions… do they?

  7. I’m horrified by how misinformed some of your responders are. The diseases we vaccinate against today were horrific killers once upon a time… or the cause of irreversible brain damage, deafness, paralysis etc. The likelihood of serious side effects are minuscule compared to the effects of these diseases.

    The parents of unvaccinated children are (selfishly) trusting that everyone else IS vaccinated around them. This strategy is already causing pertussis and measles to make a comeback in communities where a group of people are not vaccinated.

    Additionally, with air travel being so easy (from unvaccinated pockets around the globe), a serious disease could be just a plane trip away.

    Both the CDC and Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia ( offer current and reliable information.

    • 9 christyana

      I think all of them have not any diseases if you dnt treat them in anyways,it can get horrifying….the best way is to keep the kids healthy as the foundation and as wake up says most of the diseases got cures already why risk the kids with bad stuff from vaccinations when you dnt knw if they are going to get it…preventive if there is no side effects is ok but with the side effects we shown its better to keep the kids healthy as possible,wait n see,cure asap if they get it

  8. 10 howard eggflipperslippers

    I really liked your information, but your spelling on some stuff is a bit….different. For example, your first picture should say DOSE of medicine, not DOES of medicine. Other than that, I thank you for helping me on my essay and I wish you a very a merry a merry on birthday, to you!

  9. 12 dixiediva

    Yeah, the “horrific” illnesses that vaccines * POOF * cured? Like what small pox? How did a vaccine containing cow pox eradicate small pox? Now THAT is something to see!

    • 13 Music

      Would you rather still have the disease around? They got rid of the disease without anyway getting inadvertently hurt so personally sounds like a good deal!!!

  10. 14 kITkat

    Thanks man! It’s great that you put the good and the bad points in there, really helps in my assignment ;D

    Do you want to know what I think – probably not but i’ll say it anyway
    Who gives a fuck! Seriously. You either vaccinate or you don’ vaccinate. Each decision having major risks involved. I don’t see why theres a HUGE debate about this I mean, we are really wasting our time.

  11. 15 Heymothermother

    Hmmm, well obviously you have no children Kitkat otherwise you would understand the importance of this topic. It seems like one side says,” Trust your doctors, trust your government, get vaccinated, your children’s lives and health depend on it.” The other side says,” Evidence has been proving that vaccines are dangerous causing major health problems even death”. I have personally known of a boy who was permanently brain damaged from a vaccine. My stepmothers cousin died after the Polio vaccine. I dont know all the facts, and I dont know if all vaccines are all bad. However, I agree a child’s life is worth having this discussion, doing our own homework and sharing the knowledge via internet. Because, doctors have not always been right, have they. The government has not always been right 100 percent of the time, no. So when you hear of these horrible stories, isnt it worth to ask why?
    I think so.

  12. 16 goodmama82

    Many people are seriously misinformed. Vaccines are no longer a live form if the virus with the exception of the rotovirus vaccine. It is horribly terrifying to hear that people are against vaccinating their children. I personally know a girl who’s mother refused to vaccinate. When she was about a year old she contracted a disease called pneumicoccol meningitis. The disease would have easily been prevented with the prevnar vaccine. She suffered encephelitis, eats through a feeding tube, can not sit up alone, dies not speak, and is almost completely blind. She is 6 years old today, and it could have easily been prevented. Vaccines protect against viruses yes, but they are not medications. Or bodies come equip with the lymphatic system, the party of our body that fights infections. When we vaccinate we trick our body into thinking it is getting ill and the Tcells go to work. Tcells begin fighting the infection, thus your body will know what to do in case you come in contact with the real virus later in life. Viruses have no cure because they need a living host to survive. They infect the body, and inhabit the body cells so medication such as antibiotic can not kill the organism. This is why or bodies must learn to respond by being prompted by the vaccine. Before people go around knocking the integrity if iur physicians and other health care professionals research into the topic and knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the body should be learned. Parents should be given VIS statements upon recieving vacations. This statement gives explanation of the vaccine, side effects, and who to contact in the event that the child suffers adversely. Read your information. Ignorance is not a virtue, nor is it helpful when you argue points that have no relevance decause if lack of knowledge.

  13. I know my child had her ‘shots’ when she was born, she has yet to ever get pox’ or any other illness for that matter, she is very healthy!

  14. 18 Music

    Thank you so much for your help Alexia. This was a great article, my mom is a doctor and I am only 11 but I know a lot about Vaccinations. Some of these posts are absurd! People should really think about whether they would rather risk their child passing away from a disease or the very rare chance they might get a fever from getting vaccinations. I just received all of my 11 year old shots and I have never had any sickness besides strep throat and the flu, even with my mom working in a hospital and possibly bringing home dangerous bacteria. Vaccines are life savers!!!! <3

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  16. 20 Katie

    I’m my case my mother oppted not to give me any vaccines as a baby or a child as she has never had them herself, apart from chicken pox when I was a lot younger I have not caught any other disease, virus etc and neither has my mother infact my mother has never even had a cold! We are still alive and kicking and very rarely ill!

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  31. 35 amanda

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